Ordering Info
I have no order forms. I take your order either by phone,email, or in person.
I am happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have.
Though I have many bit and spur shank styles that are ordered frequently,I have no certain spur or bit designs that you are required to choose from.
As you can see I have done a wide variety of work. I truly build to the customers order.
Please use this website as a guide to give you some idea's for your own personalized order.

At the time your order is placed I will put you on my work schedule.
I try my best to get everything out in a timely fashion.
A deposit is required on some personalized items and on some very intricate or odd designs.
I will contact you before startingwork on your order to see if you have any changes you would like to make or if for some reason you may need to postpone.
When work is completed I will email you photos of the finished items or call you if you do not have email.At this time you will be asked to send the amount owed and once I recieve payment I will ship your order to you.
The amount owed will be the amount you were told when your order was placed! THE PRICE WILL NOT GO UP UNLESS YOU MAKE A CHANGE THAT INCREASES THE PRICE!!!
For shipments in the U.S. I use United States Postal Service" Priority Mail" unless you request otherwise.
I do ship outside of the United States.When your order is placed we will discuss the best options available to ship to your country.
Payment methods:
For orders placed in the U.S. I accept cash,check,money orders ,cashier checks and Pay Pal.
For orders placed from outside of the U.S. I only accept U.S. postal money orders or Pay Pal.
I accept no other credit or debit cards.Contact me for PayPal payment info.