Pollard Bits and Spurs
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Danny started making bits and spurs late in 1989. By June 1990 he created a full time business using his talents.
Self taught he has established himself with a reputation as a craftsman of quality with a flair for tradition.Often called "The Cowboys Spur Maker " his artistic styles range from "Traditional Texas Style " to "Cowboy Wild."
His knowledge and techniques have been tried and tested, making him a favorite with performance horsemen and working cowboys and have earned him numerous repeat customers. He is most proud of the work he does for his customers that use their gear on a daily basis.
When you order form Danny you are getting a "True Handmade" item. Everything is hand built in his shop by him only, one order at a time.
Unlike the current trend of many other makers he does not use any premade pieces cut from lasers or water jets. Danny cuts each piece on his bandsaw. Rowels are hand filed to give them a distinctive ring. Mountings are hand cut and hand engraved. Spur bands are shaped to fit your boot width.
Cheek pieces are hand cut and mouthpieces hand formed to make a bit with the correct balance and weight as needed.
Ask a horseman who rides a Pollard bit and they will tell you Danny takes pride in building a balanced and comfortable bit that will assist the horseman in communicating his signals effectively with the horse.

"I get asked 'Why , based on the quality of your work ,are your prices less than so many other makers?'
Well, I feel that there are a lot of makers that are way over priced! Some sell you on the idea that the higher their price is the better they are. That seldom holds true!
Except for the materials and electricity that I use I have no overhead in my business so I pass the savings on to my customers. I am not one of those makers that try to bleed every dollar out of a customer that I can."
"I use the best materials in my work and have always strived to improve what I do."
Contact Information:
Phone: (325) 201-5269 if no answer please leave a message with name, phone number, subject, and best time for me to call you back. You may also leave a text message.
Mail: PO Box 391 Merkel, TX. 79536
Email: pollardbitsandspurs@hotmail.com
I will answer your phone calls and emails as soon as I can.
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