Starting Prices
Effective January 1st, 2014

Single Mounted----------------------------------------------------------$525.00
Double Mounted---------------------------------------------------------$575.00

Ring Snaffles--------------------------------------------------------------$275.00
Ported-Stiff/Loose Cheek-----------------------------------------------$350.00
Floating Spoons-----------------------------------------------------------$ 375.00
Billy Allen Style Mouthpiece-------------------------------------------$385.00
Correction Mouthpiece-------------------------------------------------$400.00

I do not build Chain or Prong Bits

Additional Cost to Bits
Thinned Port-------------------------------------------------------------$ 15.00
Copper Slugs/Stripes---------------------------------------------------$15.00 and up
Copper Covered Bars---------------------------------------------------$40.00
Rollers--------------------------------------------------------------------$20.00 and up
Copper Hoods-----------------------------------------------------------By Quote
Rein Chains/Slobber Bars----------------------------------------------By Quote

Iron Hardware
Roller Flank Buckles----------------------------------------------------$200.00
String/Screwback Conchos--------------------------------------------$25.00 each
Cinch/Latigo Keepers--------------------------------------------------$50.00 pair
Horn Caps----------------------------------------------------------------$35.00 and up
Hobble Hardware - 3 pieces-------------------------------------------$100.00
Rings----------------------------------------------------------------------$35.00 each
Horn Knots---------------------------------------------------------------$40.00 each

Regular Round-----------------------------------------------------------$125.00 pair
Regular Round Split Bottoms------------------------------------------$135.00 pair
Flat Bottoms - 1" Wide---------------------------------------------------$135.00 pair
Split Flat Bottoms - 1" spread to 1 1/2" at bottom-------------------$175.00 pair
Split Flat Bottoms - Tapered 1" to 2 1/2" at bottom-----------------$250.00 pair

Spur/Bridle Buckles - 1/2" to 3/4" openings-------------------------$55.00 each or $100.00 pair
Buckles 1" opening-------------------------------------------------------$65.00 and up each
Buckles 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" openings includes Belt Buckles-----------$150.00 and up each
Prices above include Nickel Silver/Copper/Brass Mountings
Sterling Silver Mountings available at greater expense

Stainless Steel Hardware - Unmounted
Saddle "D" Rings - Flat---------------------------------------------------$30.00 each
Saddle "D" Rings - Beveled----------------------------------------------$35.00 each

Rings------------------------------------------------------------------------$30.00 each
Please inquire about Jewelry and anything else you may have in mind that's not listed.

Prices subject to change without notice.
"Single" mounted spurs are mounted on the outsides only."Double" or " full" mounted spurs are mounted each side of the spur.
I do not build or offer a wholesale line! Please do not ask!
" I often get asked' Why,based on your experiance and quality of your work, are your prices less than so many other makers?'
" Well , I feel that there are many makers that are way over priced! Some sell you on the idea that the higher the price the better their work is or that if they build mainly for a certain group of horsemen it makes them a better maker!"
" This seldom holds true!"
" And beware of marketing skills.There is a lot of good marketers out there that can convince you into over spending!"
" Except for the materials and electricty that I use I have virtually no overhead in my business so I pass the savings on to my customers!"
" I am not one of those makers that try and bleed every dollar from a customer that I can! I use the best materials in my work and have always strived to improve on what I do!"
" I will never quote you a price then when your order is completed raise the price on you!"
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